Dan Swan

Greg Hearn, Mark Ryan
Queensland University of Technology

Dan has over 18 years experience in innovation and is a seasoned digital professional in addition to his academic study at QUT and CCI in Brisbane. Dan remains involved in the industry as both advisor and investor to several start-up businesses. He has been involved with many successful technology start-ups and listed companies in the US (NASDAQ), UK (FTSE) and Australia (ASX). His experience in innovation spans the full project lifecycle with enterprise technology, tier-one product development and consecutive awards in digital marketing. In addition to studying a PhD in Innovation in the Creative Industries, he has a Masters in Interactive Media (MIM) from UTS in Sydney, together with a BA (Hons) in Sociology from Ruskin University, Cambridge UK.


Thesis Title: 
Assessing of Open Innovation for technology management: Developing Case Studies as part of the evaluation of seedling projects

The PhD will contribute to development strategies and tools to increase workforce skills and business sustainability in the interactive media industry. In the context of innovation ventures such as a seedling project, the problem focus will be, in what way to evaluate open innovation? Research has identified open innovation as a framework to theorise the capacities, aptitudes and knowledge for next-generation leadership in the pervasive engagement of innovation. Of core focus is technology management within interactive media services, applications and technologies across the economy; the intended outcome being an evaluation framework of open innovation with the purpose of facilitating business transformation within the Creative Industries. Methodology will initially be based on desk research to identify world’s best practice for the first research objective followed by action research, and testing scenarios with leading interactive media firms.