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Stuart Cunningham is Distinguished Professor of Media and Communications, Queensland University of Technology, and Director, ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation. He is internationallyrecognised for his contributions to media, communications and cultural studies and for exemplifying their relevance to industry practice and government policy. He was elected as an inaugural fellow in Cultural and Communication Studies in the Australian Academy of the Humanities, and has served in several leadership roles in advocacy, advice and governance in research and higher education, and in the screen and library sectors.

His most recent honours include admission into the UK-based Academy of Social Sciences from 2013 and the award of a Fulbright Senior Scholarship for 2014-15.

His most recent books are Digital Disruption: Cinema Moves Online (edited with Dina Iordanova, 2012), Key Concepts in Creative Industries (with John Hartley, Jason Potts, Terry Flew, John Banks and Michael Keane, 2012),Hidden Innovation: Policy, Industry and the Creative Sector (2013) and Screen Distribution and the New King Kongs of the Online World (with Jon Silver, 2013).

He currently holds appointments to the Cooperative Research Centre Committee, the Library Board of Queensland, and is a director of Screen Queensland. He is a member of the Expert Working Group for the Australian Council of Learned Academies project ‘The Role of Science, Research and Technology in Lifting Australia’s Productivity’.

Recent service has included President of the Council of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, 2006–08; Chair, Humanities and Creative Arts panel, Australian Research Council College of Experts, 2007, and member of panel, 2005–07; National Cultural Policy Reference Group 2011–12; and New South Wales Creative Industries Task Force 2012-3.

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