Arts, Culture and Creative Industries

Fact Sheets, Report Cards and Cultural Diagnostics

Over many years, the ARC Centre of Excellence in Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) has worked effectively with many government authorities and agencies at a local, state, national and international level to retrieve and analyse vital information on the size, growth rates, incomes, and employment patterns in the arts, culture, creative industries and 'creative' employment in the wider economy. This work has been used to help public policy and sector development in arts, media, design and communications. 

Early in the second half of this year, the Australian Bureau of Statistics will release data from the 2011 Census. This represents a rare opportunity to update the knowledge-base about arts, culture and creative industries in your local region/state.

The CCI during the second half of the year can provide you with reports suited to your needs. Our reports can range from:

  • standardised Facts Sheets based on 2011 Census data only outlining the size, growth and diversity of the creative workforce 
  • Report Cards showing size and historical decade-long growth of your creative workforce, categorised by sub-sector, and bench-marked against similar regions around Australia and New Zealand. This can include place-of-work and place-of-residence, for local council regions
  • detailed Cultural Diagnostics customised to your particular needs.

Our clients

National Fact Sheets

Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts

Regional creative workforce statistics, including place-of-work versus place-of-residence

Moreton Regional Council

Detailed, customised creative workforce statistics, including long-term growth trends for large cities and nations

Auckland City Council

Perth City Council

Queensland Government

Australia Council for the Arts

NESTA, United Kingdom