Creating value: between commerce and commons conference papers

Publication date: 
26 June 2008

The following papers, from the Creating Value Conference (hosted by CCI, 25 - 27 June 2008, Brisbane), have been peer reviewed as per HERDC Category E1 specifications.

'Follow your bliss' or 'show me the money'? Career orientations, career management competence and career success
Author: Ruth Bridgstock

Who’s really doing the stealing? How the music industry’s pathological pursuit of profit and power robs us of innovation
Authors: Paul Draper

The creative application of knowledge in university education: a case study

Authors: Stuart Gluth and Ron Corso

Designing a national innovation system to allow the creative industries to add value
Authors: Lelia Green

Making music together: The blending of an on-line learning environment for music artistic practice
Authors: Matt Hitchcock

Maintaining relevance: cultural diversity and the case for public service broadcasting
Authors: George McClean

Cognitive playfulness, creative capacity and generation ‘C’ learners
Authors: Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan, Erica McWilliam

Monitoring student creative capacity: using network visualisation to evaluate pedagogical practice
Authors: Erica McWilliam, Shane Dawson, Gary Poole

Aligning curriculum, pedagogy and assessment for building creative capacity in undergraduate students: a case study from the conservatorium

Authors: Erica McWilliam, Don Lebler

Developing creative capital: what can we learn from the workplace?
Authors: Judy Matthews

Creativity's crossing forces: a danced interplay
Authors: Maggie Phillips

Bringing process to post production
Authors: Arthur ter Hofstede, Michael Rosemann, Marcello La Rosa and Katherine Shortland

Camera, set, action: automating film production via business process management
Authors: Arthur ter Hofstede, Chun Ouyang, Michael Rosemann, Marcello La Rosa and Katherine Shortland

Transitioning from training to employment in the performing arts: the model of the graduate-performance-company

Authors: Robyn Torney