World Internet Project (Australia)

The report 'Online Retail in Australia 2007-2013' is now available to download

The 2012 survey of the Internet in Australia project is now available to download

The World Internet Project has provided a highly detailed statistical account of Australian citizens’ and consumers’ adoption of the internet and the ways in which they have used this access for information, education, entertainment, communication and consumption. Through tracking this household adoption of the internet we have developed a greater understanding of the ways in which the Australian internet is disrupting key sectors of the economy, changing Australia’s relationship with the rest of the world as well as the relationship between firms and consumers, and governments and citizens. Our work has informed major government inquiries, been used by large corporations and generated substantial media interest. It has been published in reports, journal articles, opinion pieces, book chapters and will form the basis of a book on the Australian internet.

The World Internet Project is a global research collaboration involving teams from around thirty countries. Through this network we not only have access to internet researchers but also to their government, industry and community sector partners. In addition, through our work in Australia we have made connections with the following organisations:

•    Australian Communications and Media Authority
•    NBN Co
•    Google
•    Telstra
•    Australian Computer Society
•    Sensis
•    International Institute of Communication
•    News Ltd
•    Deutsche Bank
•    Accenture
•    Disney Australia


The main activity undertaken in 2013 was the fieldwork for our fourth wave of the WIP survey. This was completed in mid-November and we will be releasing a number of thematic reports, starting with an investigation of online retail. The full report of findings which will include data from all four waves of the survey will be released early in 2014. In addition we are writing a book based on the survey data that will analyse the development of the Australian internet and its impact in various domains.

During 2013 we worked with Accenture to develop content for a point-of-view exploring the potential impact of the NBN on the media and entertainment sector in Australia (see This is part of Accenture’s Innovation Center Research Hub, a thought leadership platform that brings together a broad mix of industry experts and thought leaders to debate, develop, and publish research findings that enable Accenture clients and other stakeholders in Asia Pacific to understand key business challenges in the region.


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