Convergent Media Policy

The project has advanced conceptual and policy-related understanding of issues arising from media convergence for industry, government, researchers and the community across the fields of media and communications policy, cultural policy, and copyright and intellectual property policies. It has thus been of national benefit in terms of advancing understanding of the creative economy, digital content policies, legal and regulatory reform, and the role played by digital content policies in the national innovation system.

The project has built important networks with national policy agencies such as the Australian Law Reform Commission, the Australian Communications and Media Authority and the Classification Board, as well as international agencies such as Ofcom and the Federal Communications Commission. Ongoing research partnerships have been developed with City University, London and the School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University.


During 2013, the Convergent Media Policy project team produced one journal special issue, two book chapters, two journal articles, two international conference papers, and two invited international presentations, with one book chapter and two journal articles to be published in 2014. Research findings were presented to academics and policy-makers in Washington, DC, London and Manchester, UK, and Dublin Ireland, as well as in Australia. A proposal for a book, Convergent Media Policy, will be submitted to Sage in early 2014.

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