AUDIO/PRESENTATIONS: Content Crisis and Convergence

Date Posted: 
25 August 2011

Podcasts are now available from the Content Crisis and Convergence roundtable in the following order:

Stuart Cunningham - The Convergence Review, the Classification Review and the National Cultural Policy

Kim Dalton
- Convergence and Content Creation

Deb Verhoeven - The Screen Content Producer Survey

Andy Lloyd James - Outside the Box: Scenario Planning the Future of Television

Gary Hayes - Transmedia and the Review

Matthew Deaner - Beyond the Box Office and the Review

Jock Given
- International Agreements and Content Regulations

Stuart Cunningham
- Australian and Local Content and Online Distribution

Jason Wilson
- Media Ownership and Diversity

Jean Burgess
- Social Media, Disaster Reporting and Local News

Catharine Lumby
- The Adaptive Moment: A Fresh Approach to Convergent Media in Australia