CCI becomes founding member of the International Creative Industries Alliance (ICIA)

In December 2007 CCI became a founding member of a multi-party, non-profit alliance called the International Creative Industries Alliance (ICIA) based in Beijing. Other founding members are the Beijing Creative Centre (listed as part of Beijing’s Eleventh Five-Year Plan), the China Culture Administration Association, the Beijing Academy of Science and Technology, the Hong Kong Design Centre, the Beijing Industrial Design Promotion Organisation, the Z-Park Brand Innovation & Development Association Beijing, the US-based Corporate Design Foundation, Made In China (UK) Ltd, and the Da-Tong Foundation China Desk (Netherlands).

ICIA’s mission is to establish a platform for local and international creative talent and professionals. The ICIA will host local and international creative industries salons and workshops. CCI delegates will have access to space in the Beijing Creative Centre (also known as the ICIA Creative Hub) in the Gehua Towers (Gehua is a state-owned enterprise but also one of the largest cultural development companies in China). Stuart Cunningham is an honorary director of the ICIA, while Michael Keane is a Secretariat Board Member. The ICIA will provide a platform for CCI participants to present in China, either as part of ICIA events (including the annual Cultural Creative Industries Expo in November) or in fee-for-service seminars.