Australia's internet use revealed

A number of key findings about Australians' internet use have been announced as part of the latest installment of the Digital Futures Report, Australia's contribution to the World Internet Project.

Key findings include:

Australians shop till they drop online
Australians may be the world's most avid online shoppers, bargain hunters and browsers according to the latest Digital Futures Report. Fifty-seven per cent of Australians search the internet for something to buy at least once a week and more than half buy something online every month. Read more here.

Australians prefer not to pay for digital information
Seven in ten Australians are unwilling to pay for news and information obtained from the internet. Most users rate the internet as important or very important as an information source, but there is a strong view that content should continue to be free. Young Australians are even less willing to pay for internet content, with more than three quarters of those aged under 24 saying they are not prepared to pay up. Read more here.

Australians favour internet freedom - with limits
Australians are overwhelmingly in favour of free speech and freedom to criticise their governments on the internet - but equally strongly of a view that children's content should be restricted. Notably, given the current debate on internet censorship, eighty-three per cent of Australians believe that children's internet content should have restrictions and that responsibility for this should be shared. Read more here.

The full report can be viewed at: