EU Kids Online - Online on the mobile: Internet use on smartphones and associated risks among youth in Europe

Stald, G., Green, L., Barbovski, M., Haddon, L., Mascheroni, G., Ságvári, B., Scifo, B. and Tsaliki, L.
Publication date: 
25 October 2014

This report explores and analyses potential correlations between online access from smart, mobile phones, and patterns of experience of risks. Online communication and information is increasingly accessible to young people from several platforms apart from traditional PCs. Whereas mobile platforms may provide primary online access for some, and supplementary access for others, these platforms share the characteristics of being personal, portable and potentially always on and at hand. Since the EU Kids Online survey was conducted in 2010, smartphones have grown from being an occasional option for some privileged children and young people in some countries to being the main handheld mobile device among European youth. Hence this report primarily focuses on smartphones, young people’s mobile internet access and the associated risks of these.