New study suggests there are 2.8m Australian Twitter accounts

4 August 2014, Mubrella 



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There are more than 2.8m Australian accounts registered on social media platform Twitter a new study suggests, with Canberra and the ACT by far the territory with the highest per capita concentration of users.

The new study released today by the Queensland University of Technology,follows up a 2012 study which mapped the Australian Twittersphere, and gives new insight into the growth, development and uptake of the platform down under.

“When we did that (study) we found about 1m accounts,” said Axel Bruns, project leader who is a researcher at QUT’s Creative Industries Faculty.

“What we have done now is to go through the entire Twitter user base and because all users have an ID basically started with ID zero and then worked up to where we stop finding users, which is upwards of two billion IDs.

“So we have gone through the entire user base to get the publicly profile information on all Twitter user IDs. That is a lengthy process because of the limitations Twitter puts on its API (a funnel of information which Twitter makes available to allow software providers to interact with the platform).

“These are the  accounts that we believe are Australian,” said Bruns, while warning that the number does not represent the number of people on the platform.

“I want to make the distinction between users and account really clear. Because of course some people have multiple accounts or some accounts might be run by multiple users and therefore it is difficult to say how many users there are.

“We believe however there are 2.8m registered accounts as of when we finished this study in September last year.”

Twitter Australia does not publicly release country by country breakdowns of its user base however, agency sources told Mumbrella earlier this yearthat the number of domestic users being claimed by the Australian Twitter sales team is now as high as four million accounts.

In an interview Australian managing director Karen Stocks, at the time of the one year anniversary of the opening of the Australian office, said: “We don’t breakdown numbers at the country level… But I am very, very happy with the growth we are seeing.”

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The QUT study also provides insight into this uptake with a graph showing a surge in uptake to more than 110,000 in early 2009 (when Twitter really took off), then falling back to between 30,000-60,000 until January 2013, when Twitter began building its local office.


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