Elaine Zhao

Asian Creative Transformations

Elaine Jing Zhao is a postdoctoral research fellow CCI at QUT. She has been researching and publishing on digital media, creative economy, user co-creation, and their social, cultural and economic implications.

Currently Elaine takes part in two ARC funded Discovery Projects. One project explores the interactions between formal and informal media economies in film, television and online media distribution in the Asia-Pacific. The other examines the role of mobile technology and social networking strategies in facilitating health behavior change, particularly ‘responsible drinking behavior’, among young women. Elaine is also coordinating the Asian Creative Transformations project with Prof. Michael Keane.

Elaine completed her PhD at QUT in 2011 on the adoption and use of mobile media in building consumer relationships through co-creation experiences in China. Prior to that, she worked in market research for a multinational corporate in the mobile internet industry in China.