Trevor Barr

Broadband Services 2015

Professor Trevor Barr is a Chief Investigator with the CCI and Professor of Media and Communications at Swinburne University. His four major books have each been standard references in university media and telecommunications courses for many years, and have played an influential part in policy formulation. He has been employed as a senior adviser or consultant by a number of government and industry bodies, including the Commission for the Future, Telstra, and Ericsson Australia.

Trevor has a lengthy track-record as a national media commentator, most notably on ABC Radio’s ‘AM and PM’ and ‘Background Briefing’ and regularly on Terry Lane’s program. He has also appeared on Australia’s leading news and current affairs television programs, including ‘Four Corners’ and ‘7.30 Report’. In May 2001 he was invited to deliver one of the prestigious Alfred Deakin Lecture Series as part of The Federation Festival in Melbourne, at which 53 leaders in their field were invited to discuss critical issues regarding Australia’s future. Trevor is also the elected Co-Chair of the Telstra Consumer Consultative Council (TCCC), a national consumer advisory body. He was awarded the Charles Todd Medal for outstanding services to the Australian telecommunications industry in March 2007.