Terry Flew

Media Ecologies and Methodological Innovation

Professor Terry Flew is a Chief Investigator with the CCI and Professor of Media and Communications in the Creative Industries Faculty at the Queensland University of Technology. He is also President of the Australian and New Zealand Communications Association, having previously been ANZCA Vice-President and Treasurer.

Terry was seconded from QUT to act as a Commissioner of the Australian Law Reform Commission from May 2011 to February 2012, chairing the Inquiry into the National Classification Scheme in Australia, which reviewed censorship and classification standards in Australia in the context of media convergence and ubiquitous access to high-speed broadband services.

Terry has a wide range of research interests and research experience, and has been an author of three books, including Australia’s leading new media textbook, New Media: An Introduction, eight research monographs, 32 book chapters, 54 refereed academic journal articles, and has been an editor of nine special issues of academic journals and refereed conference proceedings.