Nicolas Suzor

Law for Creative Innovation

Dr Nicolas Suzor is a Research Fellow in the CCI and a researcher and lecturer in the Faculty of Law at Queensland University of Technology. Nic’s research interests are broadly in Intellectual Property and Technology law and more specifically on the emerging power relations in social media and networked technologies. His recently completed PhD examines digital constitutionalism and the legitimate governance of virtual communities. Nic teaches intellectual property, internet law, open content licensing, and jurisprudence in the law school’s undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Nic has published widely on various issues in IP and Technology law, including parody and satire in copyright, the obstacles that blind people face to accessing information, legal issues associated with free software, third party discovery and privacy, and the legitimate governance of virtual communities. He has been heavily involved in the Australian Creative Commons project and in other projects coordinated as part of the IP: Knowledge, Culture, and Economy research group at QUT. He was also, until recently, the chair of Electronic Frontiers Australia, a national volunteer advocacy organisation concerned with the rights and interests of individuals in relation to networked technologies.