Jen Lofgren

Axel Bruns, Jaz Choi
Queensland University of Technology

Jennifer Lofgren in is a Master of Arts (Research) student at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). She is interested in food and media, and her masters research project investigates food blogs, bloggers and the food blogging community to understand who the members are, why and how people write food blog and what impact they have, on traditional food media and the wider community, in terms of attitudes towards food.

Thesis Title: 
Communal dining: Food bloggers and publishers at the Web 2.0 table

My research project investigates English-language food blogs. It looks closely at food bloggers and the food blogging community, focusing specifically on blogs that feature recipes (rather than restaurant reviews). The project aims to understand how the food blogging community operates, and how and why people blog about food, in order to understand the implications food blogs have for traditional food media producers, such as cookbook publishers, and for online and offline communities. Food blogs allow amateurs entry into the otherwise professional world of food writing, reflecting a shift in the creative industries whereby ‘ordinary’ people don’t need the support of industry to gain some level of success. More broadly, the active community networks formed by food bloggers and readers reflect traditions of food and recipe sharing. The food blogging community is not bound by geographic constraints, and offers both bloggers and blog readers a space in which they can share their passion for food and the pleasures of cooking, seek advice, give feedback, and discuss issues of seasonality, locality and diet. Online relationships and experiences are often taken offline, at blogging events and as people share recipes, ideas and tips they’ve found through blogs with their friends and family.