Lynsey Uridge

Lelia Green, Debbie Rodan
Edith Cowan University

I am currently the moderator of HeartNET – an online community based at Edith Cowan University and supported by the National Heart Foundation (Western Australian Division) for people affected by heart disease. I have a background in nursing, health promotion and information services and have worked with people in remote and rural communities, people with disabilities and currently those affected by cardiovascular disease. With an interest in health promotion, online identity formation and netnography my aim is to ensure that ALL the participants in my PhD research and the members of HeartNET are given a voice.

Thesis Title: 
The identity of the cardiovascular patient in the gift economy: Media influences and HeartNET

This project relates to ARC –funded research which has been ongoing since 2004: The current project will: Evaluate the role of interactions on HeartNET by individuals in the early stages of assuming an identity as a cardiovascular patient Identify whether media representations or health messages about cardiovascular disease influence interactions with others on HeartNET Identify what aspects of the gift economy relate to HeartNET participants