Vijay Anand

Stuart Cunningham, Michael Keane
Queensland University of Technology

With a background in Information Technology and Graphic Design, Vijay is interested in the development of Creative Industries Policy in the South Asia and keenly tracks the buzz around the Film and Television industry there. His areas of interest also include Political Communication and Service Design.

Thesis Title: 
Emergent business models in the context of formal & informal markets for India’s film products

Vijay’s research examines the tensions between formal and informal economies and established and emergent creative industries business models in India’s film industry. Attempts to curb film piracy in India have had little success and informal markets are increasingly being recognised as an important site of entrepreneurial behaviour, economic activity and employment. Vijay’s thesis considers responses from government, industry, consumers and ‘pirates’ in an attempt to come to terms with the shifting of the fulcrum in the formal-informal balance in India’s film industry.