Ruari Elkington

Stuart Cunningham, Sean Maher
Queensland University of Technology

Ruari Elkington completed his undergraduate degree in Film & TV with First Class Honours at QUT. As a researcher and PhD candidate at the ARC Centre of Excellence in Creative Industries and Innovation he is strongly grounded in the industry context of film distribution with a focus on documentary content. Other research areas include screen content and cineliteracy.

Thesis Title: 
The Education Market for Documentary Film: Digital Shifts in an Age of Content Abundance

The emergence of new digital distribution technologies has seen the licensing of traditional physical media, particularly DVD, experience rapid change. New models of content licensing and ownership rights present serious challenges to traditional distribution practices for educational video content. Amidst these challenges, Video on Demand (VOD) in education offers functionality and access benefits that will ensure steady growth of the technology and a corresponding shift to accommodate that growth by distributors. In 2012 two giants of web content, Apple iTunes and YouTube announced freely accessible new offerings for educational institutions with VOD forming a huge part of their appeal. My PhD research examines the potential impact these international companies will bring to both educators and the commercial distributors currently co-existing in the monetised segment of educational VOD.