National Creative Graduate Tracking Project

What do graduates from creative degrees do in their careers? How successful are they? What makes them successful? How can universities better support students to build successful careers?

This study is the first in Australia to build a detailed picture of creative arts graduates’ career paths, and will suggest what needs to be taught in undergraduate programs to maximise chances of creative career success.

AUDIO + SLIDES: Researching Social Media in Times of Crisis

Axel Bruns
Date Posted: 
4 April 2013

EIDOS Event: During the natural disasters and human-made crises of 2011 and 2012, from the Queensland floods to Hurricane Sandy, social media have emerged as key means of disseminating up-to-date news and information, sharing eyewitness reports, images, and videos, and organizing crisis response and recovery activities.

Young people and sexting in Australia: Ethics, representation and the law

Kath Albury, Kate Crawford, Paul Byron, Ben Mathews
Publication date: 
12 April 2013

The Young People and Sexting in Australia report presents the findings of a qualitative study of young people’s understandings of, and responses to, current Australian laws, media and educational resources that address sexting.