Building the CC Licensing Laboratory – CC Clinic

One of the key achievements of the ccClinic during 2007 was the introduction of its QUT undergraduate unit (LWB499). Designed as a specialist research unit open only to high-achieving students, the 13-week unit provided eight students from the Faculty of Law with the opportunity to work closely with industry experts and Clinic staff on in-depth research into a topic of relevance to the Creative Commons.

Games law research

In July 2007 the project launched a new research group to investigate issues relating to computer games and regulation, control, law and policy. The group runs an active email list with a subscription base that includes a number of games industry and legal industry professionals. In September Dr Sal Humphreys delivered a refereed paper, ‘Online social softwares: policy and regulation in a converged medium’, to the Communications Policy Research Forum in Sydney.

Australian Bloggers Conference report

Blogging is now a key component of creative innovation, and in September 2007 project team member Peter Black (himself a prolific blogger who has attracted considerable national and international attention) organised the first major Australian blogging conference, to investigate the legal and other issues bloggers need to address. The day-long event attracted approximately 100 people from across Australia, and thanks to sponsorship from Microsoft, Get Up and Kwoff, it was free for everyone who attended.

‘Democracy 2.0: YouTube and MySpace' forum

We organised a number of events during 2007 aimed at engaging with the broader Australian community on Web 2.0-related issues. These included Australia’s first blogger conference, and the ‘Democracy 2.0: YouTube and MySpace’ forum (Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, 4 September 2007). This brought together experts and members of the public to discuss how Web 2.0 technologies were being used by political figures in the run-up to the Australian general election.

Business research contracts undertaken

Several research contracts with end-users were fulfilled during 2007. These include an agreement with Auran Games (Brisbane) to enable John Banks to undertake ethnographic research on the development and launch of a new MMOG (massively multiplayer online game) called Fury. With others in the CCI Hartley contributed to a technical research report for NESTA, the UK National Endowment for Science Technology & the Arts, to establish more accurate measures for the creative industries (including creative occupations embedded in other economic sectors).

Digital literacy symposium 2007

In March 2007 John Hartley convened a research symposium on digital literacy with financial assistance from the ARC Cultural Research Network and State Library of Queensland. International keynote speaker Sir Ken Robinson and 30 other speakers interacted with over 100 researchers. We presented the Federation Fellow program and held a special workshop on creative innovation and education for the State Minister for Education and the Arts, the Hon. Rod Welford.

ARC Linkages awarded

John Hartley has been awarded a new ARC Linkage (LP0777006) on the uses of romance, with an APDI for Dr Kelly McWilliam (who had previously worked on the CCI’s New Literacy, New Audiences project), and a new ARC Discovery (DP0879596) on television in popular memory and nation-building in Australia. Both of these have extended the reach and the practical applications of the FF research.