Young people and sexting in Australia: Ethics, representation and the law

Kath Albury, Kate Crawford, Paul Byron, Ben Mathews
Publication date: 
12 April 2013

The Young People and Sexting in Australia report presents the findings of a qualitative study of young people’s understandings of, and responses to, current Australian laws, media and educational resources that address sexting.

Young People and Sexting in Australia: Stage One Report Launch

The report Young People and Sexting in Australia: ethics, representation and the law outlines findings and recommendations from a pilot study designed to inform Australian legal, educational, and policy responses to young people’s sexting.

It draws on focus groups conducted with young Sydney people aged 16-17 years, and consultation with adult stakeholders, including academic researchers, and representatives from government and non-government education, health care, law enforcement and youth support services.

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