SEMINAR: The future of the music industry in an age of digital distribution

QUT Creative Industries Research Seminar

Will online subscription music services like Spotify render traditional music distribution models obsolete? 

Join Dr Patrik Wikstrom on 23 August for a look at the future of the music industry in an age of digital distribution.

Dr Patrik Wikstrom will argue that ‘context based’ services that allow people to ‘do things’ with music have greater potential to create economic value than services that merely provide access. This has important implications for the production and distribution of music.

N518, KG

Selling an Australian Cinderella? YouTube Stories

Tama Leaver
Publication date: 
1 August 2013

Telling Stories explores the interaction between literary culture and the public sphere in Australia, in a series of informative, witty, intelligent and thought-provoking essays. In doing so it unearths the fascinating and changing role that literature has played in Australia’s sporting, political, civic and cultural life.

Chinese Media

Michael Keane, Wanning Sun
Publication date: 
31 July 2013

From an area of specialist research a decade ago China’s media has become now an important element of research and teaching worldwide, not only in specific Chinese cultural studies courses at the university level but increasingly in post-graduate research and in the domain of business consultancy.

Edited by Michael Keane and Wanning Sun, leading experts in the field, this new title is a ‘mini library’ of the foundational and the very best cutting-edge scholarship on Chinese media.