Twitter and Society

Katrin Weller, Axel Bruns, Jean Burgess, Merja Mahrt, & Cornelius Puschmann
Publication date: 
1 November 2013

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has evolved from a niche service to a mass phenomenon; it has become instrumental for everyday communication as well as for political debates, crisis communication, marketing, and cultural participation.

Co-production and Co-creation in Australian Film and Television

This seminar is based around preliminary interviews with Australian producers of independent documentary films and an ABC Singapore television co-production: Serangoon Road. Professor DeFillippi will share some preliminary distinctions noted between innovation co-creation (sometimes referred to as collaborative innovation or open innovation) and how co-creation arises in independent film and co-production television projects.

Building Z2, Room 304, QUT Kelvin Grove
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Innovation in the Digital Culture Industry and Contemporary Democarcy

What we experience in the adoption phase of digital innovation in the cultural industries is a formidable shift of paradigms: Traditional gate keepers of the cultural and media industries are fading out. New players with a different agenda are becoming influential. Public space and public spheres are affected by the way people make use of digital services. Are legacy media losing more than advertisings revenues? Do the early Internet promises of a vivid counter public hold? And what are the implications for our contemporary democracies? On offer: more questions than answers.

Building Z2, Room 305, QUT, Kelvin Grove
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