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Cardiovascular disease, diabetes and chronic kidney disease: Australian facts: prevalence and incidence

Provides a comprehensive summary of the latest available data on the prevalence and incidence in the Australian population of these three chronic vascular diseases, acting alone or together. It examines age and sex characteristics and variations across population groups, by geographical location, and by socioeconomic disadvantage.Read more

Australian teachers and the learning environment: an analysis of teacher response to TALIS 2013

The OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) is the first international survey programme to focus on the learning environment and the working conditions of teachers in schools. The overarching aim of TALIS is to provide robust, policy relevant indicators and analysis on teachers and the learning environment for an international audience.Read more

Publishing online: the tap dance guide

Use this simple guide to make sure your web content is published professionally and can be:Discovered – by search engines and potential readers; Curated – by information services, clearing houses and libraries; Easily evaluated – by anyone who wants to use it; Cited and measured – so you can track your impact
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Where is the evidence: realising the value of grey literature for public policy and practice

Research produced by organisations in government, academia, NGOs and industry (grey literature) plays a key role in public policy. However, finding and accessing policy information is a time-consuming task made harder by poor production and management of resources and a lack of large-scale collection services able to host and make available relevant, high-quality resources quickly and efficiently.Read more