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Privacy Workshop

The Privacy Workshop is a world class symposium on digital privacy, rights, and access. A range of respected speakers and thought leaders will gather in Melbourne, Australia, for a day of exceptional discourse through lectures, workshops and panel discussions. This is a project brought to you by...Read more

How to save a rock star from extinction

What happens when this highly mobile species faces a ‘perfect storm’ of threats from urban sprawl, clearing of nesting and roosting habitat and even its last refugia, an introduced species of pine, is being logged. Is its immenent extinction a failure of policy by State and Commonwealth governments?Read more

Women and health and well-being

This paper considers the means by which Australian health programs and policy can redress these inequities. It further highlights the inequities for women 
in relation to non-communicable diseases (chronic diseases). The social gradient, the health sector, and gender are key determinants of health equity for women. 
The health sector in Australia has a responsibility to improve equity; however, prevailing inconsistencies in its understanding of how gender impacts on women’s 
health outcomes currently inhibit effective action. Read more