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Interactive gambling

One of the most significant changes to the gambling environment in the past 15 years has been the increased availability of interactive or Internet gambling. Interactive gambling, including mobile gambling, is the fastest growing mode of gambling. This paper describes how and why Australians choose to gamble interactively.Read more

Collinsville solar thermal project: energy economics and dispatch forecasting (final report)

The primary aim of this report is to help negotiate a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the proposed hybrid gas-Linear Frensel Reflector (LFR) plant at Collinsville, Queensland, Australia. The report’s wider appeal is the techniques and methods used to model the Australian National Electricity Market’s demand and wholesale spot prices for the lifetime of the proposed plant.Read more

Manager, Statistical Analysis

The Sentencing Advisory Council is an independent statutory body established under the Sentencing Act 1991. The work of the Council revolves around providing sound evidence upon which to base sentencing policies and practice, and increasing community confidence in those sentencing policies and...Read more