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Child protection Australia 2012-13

This is the seventeenth annual comprehensive report on child protection, and for the first time includes: unique counts of children receiving child protection services in each jurisdiction; the number of substantiations per child; co-occurring types of abuse and neglect; socioeconomic status; and 'average day' measures.Read more

Improving regional passenger rail services

This report reviews the circumstances where upgrading of regional passenger rail services can be an effective substitute for, or precursor to, construction of a dedicated high-speed railway.  Twelve case studies of local and overseas service enhancements illustrate a broad range of applications of infrastructure and service upgrading techniques and the travel market responses.Read more

Eyes in the sky

Do drones pose a new threat to our privacy, or are they just innovative technology with benefits for governments and industry? This question will be the the focus of a Committee roundtable investigating drones and privacy.Read more